MP3 Sampler

Here are some songs written by Keith and  his friends..


Vocals by Justin Zimmer

         The Shelter of Your Arms        Hinton/Zimmer

Vocals by Brit Stokes

         Howlin' At The Moon        Hinton/Samoset

         That's What I'm Talkin' About        Hinton/Zimmer/Stokes

         Don't Mind If I Do        Hinton

         Step On My Blue Suede Shoes        Hinton/Goodwin

Vocals by Coles Whalen

         This Town Ain't Big Enough        Hinton/Whalen

Vocals by Jamie O'Neal

         When He's Around        Hinton/Loggins

         He's Watching Over Me        Hinton/McCord

         Only Always        Hinton/O’Neal

 Vocals by Carol Chase

        First Chance I Get        Hinton/Chase

        The Heart You Save        Hinton/Chase/Rodman

        Which One of You        Hinton/Mitchell

        Blessing In Disguise        Hinton/Chase

 Vocals by Judy Rodman

         I'd Like To Help You With That        Hinton/Rodman

         When the Honeymoon's Over        Hinton/Rodman

        You Got the Best of Me     Hinton/McCord

 Vocals by Alissa Stanze

        Mama Didn't Raise No Fool        Hinton/Cartwright

         Girl Thang        Hinton/Rodman/McCord

         Ain't Lookin' Back        Hinton/Stanze

         Dance Your Dance        Hinton/Stanze

 Vocals by Michele McCord

        Rose For Her Soul        Hinton/McCord

         You Won't Catch Me Cryin'        Hinton/McCord

         Right Off The Top of My Heart        Hinton/McCord/Gunn

 Vocals by Shawan

        Make Her an Offer       Hinton/Rodman